Wisdom Teeth: Removal, Maintenance and Cavity Prevention

Why Adherence to Teeth Whitening Product Guidelines Is Important

Some people may wish to get quicker tooth whitening results by exceeding the dosage of dental whitening products. Such people may not know the risks of not following the usage guidelines that are provided by the manufacturer of the product. This article discusses some of the dangers that may occur when you don't follow the instructions provided on how to whiten your teeth using a certain product.

Increased Dental Permeability

Some products may achieve their whitening effect by removing some enamel from your teeth. Such products are abrasive and should be used with caution. The excessive use of this type of product may erode your enamel so much that your teeth will become more permeable than is the norm. Consequently, your teeth may become more susceptible to being damaged by various substances, such as the acids contained in some of the foods and drinks that you consume. Avoid this risk by following the application guidelines that are given.

Inflammation or Vasodilation

Your teeth are living structures. Blood vessels inside the pulp provide the tooth with nutrients. The excessive use of teeth whitening products may cause the blood vessels inside your teeth to become inflamed. This is because your body will be struggling to restore the optimum environment that has been thrown out of balance by the whitening chemicals which have penetrated your dental structures. You may therefore start feeling some pain as the dilated vessels push against the nerves in the interior of your teeth.

Adverse Effect on Enzymes

Several metabolic processes take place within the living tissues of your teeth. For example, glucose metabolism occurs to ensure that the living cells inside your dental pulp are supplied with fuel (glucose) to perform their functions. Protein synthesis also takes place to ensure that all cells that die are replaced by new ones. All these processes are controlled by enzymes. As you may know, enzymes require specific conditions before they can work. For example, they operate within an ideal temperature and pH range. The excessive use of teeth whitening products can cause the conditions inside the dental pulp to alter significantly. Consequently, the enzymes will become inactive until the ideal conditions are restored. Vital biochemical processes in your teeth will then grind to a halt due to your incorrect use of teeth whitening products.

Some of the adverse effects of misusing teeth whitening products may take long to become noticeable. It is therefore advisable for you to avoid those adverse effects by telling your dentist about any change that you notice in your teeth. That professional will examine you and recommend the appropriate steps or changes that will reverse or stop those negative effects, and they will also be able to instruct you in how to safely whiten your teeth.