Helping your child deal with tooth extraction

Children can need to get their teeth extracted for a number of reasons, including accidental damage, decay, overcrowding or a failure of the baby teeth to fall out when the adult teeth erupt. The extraction process can be very stressful for some children. Here are some ways to help your child deal with tooth extraction.  Have the dental staff explain procedure Removing a part of the child's body can seem very stressful for a child. [Read More]

Why Some People Visit the Dentist More Often Than Others

Do you feel as if you're always planning a visit to the dentist even though you already look after your teeth properly and wonder why your happy-go-lucky friend isn't affected like this? The truth is that no two people are alike and there are many different factors that may determine dental health through a lifetime. What are some of the factors that contribute to this variation? Managing the Bacteria Essentially, it can be boiled down to one thing — oral bacteria. [Read More]

Why a Signal Tooth Implant Is Better Than a Bridge

You may have had a tooth removed due to decay but want to have a complete set of teeth once again. This may allow you to have a fuller smile, but perhaps more importantly it should help you chew more effectively. You may have been told that you need a bridge, but did you know that you can get a single tooth implant instead? What are the benefits? The Stand-Alone Option [Read More]

3 Natural Toothpaste Options for a Brighter and Whiter Smile

Toothpaste is something on every monthly shopping list. What if you could make a switch to natural alternatives? What if those natural alternatives could help with your tooth whitening needs? Well, here are three natural toothpaste options that will give you a brighter and whiter smile within weeks of use. Put Sea Salt on Your Teeth Salt is often seen as being bad for you, but that isn't the case when it comes to sea salt and toothpaste alternatives. [Read More]