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What Are the Advantages of Manual Toothbrushes Over Electric Ones?

Ever since electric toothbrushes were brought onto the market, they have been causing quite a stir and some people have gone on to suggest that they should completely replace the (traditional) manual toothbrush. This article discusses some of the advantages that manual toothbrushes have over electric toothbrushes.

Availability and Cost

Manual toothbrushes are very affordable and you can be sure you will find one at any convenience store that is open. This is a very big advantage that electric toothbrushes cannot have since they are yet to be readily available in most parts of the world. Their cost is also on the upper side for many people. If oral hygiene depended on using electric toothbrushes then many people would fail to brush on a daily basis.


Manual toothbrushes are so small that one would find it very easy to travel with them even when very light packing is required. This is in sharp contrast to electric toothbrushes that are bulky and need plenty of space in your traveling bag. Electric toothbrushes are inconveniencing to travel with so many people who have them prefer to buy manual toothbrushes when they travel. This clearly shows that manual toothbrushes are the better way to maintain your oral hygiene so they cannot be fully replaced by electric ones.

They Exert Less Pressure on Gums and Teeth

It is easy to regulate how much pressure you exert on your gums and teeth if you are using a manual toothbrush. This is because you can control the energy you exert as you hold the toothbrush and you will immediately loosen up your grasp if you feel you are using too much force as you brush. Electric toothbrushes do not allow you this chance and your teeth and gums will be subjected to more pressure that can cause tooth sensitivity and pain.

Safe for Kids

How comfortable would you be to let your toddler use an electric toothbrush? You would feel very jittery due to a fear that the kid may do something wrong (such as chew on the electrical wiring) and harm himself or herself. Manual toothbrush do not cause such worries since they do not use any kind of electricity.

As you can see, manual toothbrushes have very many benefits that electric toothbrushes do not have. If you have any doubts about how well you are brushing your teeth using any of these kinds of toothbrushes, talk to the dentist in your locality (such as Denison Dental Surgeries) and all your queries will be answered.