Are Your Gums Giving You a Metallic Taste in Your Mouth?

If you have had a metallic taste in your mouth for a few days or even weeks, then you'll have tried to work out where the taste is coming from. If you've had this for a while, then it isn't likely to be caused by stuff you're eating or drinking. You may also have ruled out medications or illnesses as a cause of the taste. If you're at a loss to work out what is going on with your taste buds, then it may be time to consider whether you have a dental problem.

Why Keep Your Temporary Dentures After Your Permanent Teeth Are Fitted?

When you had all your teeth out to get ready for dentures, your dentist may have fitted immediate dentures as a temporary measure. These dentures replaced your natural teeth until you were ready to have your proper set made. Once you've had your permanent dentures fitted, you may wonder what to do with your immediate set. While you may think that you'll trash them because you won't need them any longer, it's worth hanging on to these teeth.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Over DIY Alternatives?

Never underestimate the power of a smile. A simple smile can drastically lift your spirits and draw positive vibes from those around you in everyday social interactions. But with your teeth on show each time you smile, having discoloured teeth is something that will surely put you down.  If you're here because you'd like to know why you should choose professional teeth whitening over take-home alternatives, you've come to the right place.

Avoid the Dentist But Fight On

Being part of a martial arts club, especially one which engages in semi or full contact sparring, is both an exhilarating and challenging experience. However, it can result in a number of risks that could lead to injury. Taking part in any martial art can put your teeth and mouth at risk of injury due to the impact of kicks, punches and knocks. Whilst a trip to an emergency dentist at a place like Runcorn Dental is always available, it's better to take preventative measures and protect yourself using dental approved means.

How Many Dental Veneers Will You Need for a Smile Makeover?

In terms of a smile makeover, dental veneers offer a straightforward solution. Wafer-thin pieces of porcelain are fabricated to the desired shape and size before being adhered to the underlying teeth. It's a simple yet extremely effective form of cosmetic dentistry. But to achieve the smile you want, how many veneers will actually be needed? A Single Veneer  The question of the number of required veneers is simple when only a single unit is to be attached.

Can Flossing Be Difficult After a Dental Implant?

It could be argued that your oral hygiene takes on greater relevance after receiving dental implants. Whether a tooth was lost due to periodontal disease or an accident that knocked it out, the dental implant is a decisive way to seamlessly replace your lost tooth. Still, an entirely new tooth that has been implanted into your jaw with a metal bolt topped with a specially fabricated prosthesis represents a serious financial investment and can strengthen your resolve to keep your new complete smile in the best possible state.

Can Your Problematic Teeth Benefit From a Splint?

You probably think of a splint as something that a doctor might use when a part of your body needs to stay in a defined position in order to aid its healing, whether it's a finger, an arm or a leg. But what about your teeth? When a tooth has been lost due to periodontal disease, it's gone forever. Certainly, your dentist can replace the tooth with a specially fabricated dental implant, designed to look and behave just like the tooth it has replaced.

What Will Happen If You Don't Fix Your Overcrowded Teeth?

If you have overcrowded teeth, you may have come across a lot of information regarding the benefits of orthodontic treatment. This treatment involves the use of appliances such as metal braces and Invisalign to apply pressure to the teeth and move them slowly in a specific direction. It helps straighten the teeth and solve overcrowding and misalignment issues. Most people who know that they need this kind of treatment but have never sought it never think about the effects of living life with crowded or poorly aligned teeth.

Dental Implants Aftercare Instructions

Dental implants are an ideal solution for missing or damaged teeth. However, how you care for your implants can make all the difference when it comes to the effectiveness of the dental implants. You need to understand a few things about your dental implants, especially after surgery. There will be some significant oral changes after surgery, and you need to know how to handle each of those changes. Since your dental implants will still be integrating with the tissues as well as the bone, you will have to be extra careful regarding care.

Criteria for Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

Most aesthetic dental flaws can be corrected by seeking treatment from any of the several dentists working in Australia. But this doesn't necessarily mean that all dentists are cosmetic dentistry specialists. With that said, it is always important to do a little research before choosing a dentist to fix your particular cosmetic dental issues. Here are a few vital points to consider in that regard. Dentist's specific education and training in the area of cosmetic dentistry