Wisdom Teeth: Removal, Maintenance and Cavity Prevention

Find The Right Cosmetic Procedure To Restore Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is focused on solving dental problems that may not directly pertain to function. This is important because teeth are not just for eating. They also play a big role in one's personal appearance, pronunciation and self-esteem. If you have a dental anomaly that you need corrected, cosmetic dentistry has many solutions to restore or improve your teeth. Read on to see what a cosmetic dentist can do to make this happen.

Missing teeth or tooth gaps

If you have missing teeth, a cosmetic dentist will examine the extent of the loss to determine the best solution. If you have just one missing tooth, the dentist may install a bridge. This is where the adjacent teeth on each side are reshaped and capped with prosthetic teeth to support an additional tooth that will replace the missing one. However, your cosmetic dentist may also propose an implant which is permanent and will not affect your other teeth. If you have many missing teeth, the dentist may suggest a partial denture. On the other hand, if you have a very small gap, the cosmetic dentist will bond the teeth together with porcelain material to eliminate the gap in a process called bonding.

Stained or discoloured teeth

Due to age, dental hygiene and lifestyle choices, teeth may deteriorate in appearance. They can get discoloured or stained. If you are in such a situation, the cosmetic dentist can suggest whitening services for less severe cases. If teeth whitening cannot fully rectify the teeth staining, the cosmetic dentist may suggest additional fitting of veneers or dentures to cover severe discolouration.

Misshaped teeth

For other patients, the problem at hand is not the colour of the teeth but rather the condition, shape or size. If you have misshaped teeth, your cosmetic dentist will suggest contouring and reshaping. This will shorten long teeth and smooth sharp edges. If the problem is the teeth alignment, the cosmetic dentist will conduct orthodontic work by fitting braces, aligners or retainers.  Sometimes the dentist may also recommend veneers if the teeth cannot be successfully aligned properly.

Badly worn teeth

If you have chipped teeth, the dentist will restore the lost portions by bonding porcelain material onto the tooth. If you have any open cavities, these will be filled with porcelain that looks similar to the white enamel of the teeth. However, if your teeth surfaces are the worn parts, the dentist may suggest crowns to restore function and proper bite.

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