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4 Helpful Tips for Young People Adjusting to Dentures

Getting partial or full dentures at a young age can be a life-changing event, and a significant blow to your emotional and mental well-being. If you have recently had dentures fitted, or are planning to in the near future, check out these four helpful tips for young people adjusting to wearing dentures.

Get quality dentures

A set of dentures that fit your mouth well, and are tailored to mimic your original teeth will help you feel comfortable and confident with your new teeth. Discuss your needs with your dentist, highlighting things that you liked or disliked about your original teeth, to ensure that the dentures are made to your liking.

Consider things like the size, shape and colour tone of your original teeth, as well as your lip line and how many teeth will be showing when you smile. All these factors can be considered in the denture making process. With a quality set of well-fitting dentures, tailored to your needs, most people will not even notice that you're wearing dentures at all.

Be positive and confident

Do not define yourself in terms of your teeth, or any physical attributes. At times of great emotional upheaval, it is crucial that your remember all of the wonderful qualities that make you the lovable, special person that you are.

Remaining positive and confident throughout this life change will allow you to continue a healthy social life, and recover from the inevitable feeling of loss or adjustment. If you feel like you are really struggling to stay positive or confident about your new teeth, consider a meditation class, or speak to a councillor for advice on how to boost your positivity.

Seek out a support network

It is easy to feel like you are alone as a young person new to dentures, particularly as they are a dental solution most of us associate with older members of society. Rest assured, you are not alone; there are many young people out there feeling exactly how you are, and there are many reasons why young people need dentures—from car accidents to congenital disorders.

Seeking out an online support network of young people in a similar situation will help you feel more at ease with the process, while destigmatising the procedure and providing you with a peer group to discuss the experience.

Allow for a period of adjustment

It is important at this stage to cut yourself a bit of slack, and allow a period for your mouth and your emotions to adjust to having dentures. It's a challenging period of transition, and in the beginning it can be a struggle to eat a meal or have a conversation. Take your time, and practice your pronunciation skills with a close friend, in front of the mirror, or by reading a book aloud.

Don't restrict yourself to consuming only soft foods—once your dentist gives you the all-clear, you can challenge yourself with an assortment of your favourite foods that are a little more difficult to chew. This will give you the practice and confidence to consume all sorts of food in public. For more advice and support, speak with resources like Hopkins Street Dental.