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How to Overcome a Fear and Outright Phobia of Visiting the Dentist

Very few people would say that they enjoy visiting the dentist, and most would no doubt agree that it's somewhat stressful and uncomfortable to find themselves in a dentist's chair. However, for some people, this discomfort can be very severe so that they're afraid and downright phobic about visiting the dentist. In turn, they may put off preventative care and even needed emergency care for their teeth and gums.

If this sounds like you, note a few ways you can overcome your fear and phobia of visiting the dentist:

1. Educate yourself on dental procedures

Fear of the unknown can cause many patients to put off seeing the dentist, so you might educate yourself on dental procedures in order to put your mind at rest. If you understand why a dentist is poking your teeth, you may not be afraid of what he or she is going to do with their tools and instruments.

If you can see a dentist at work and how they carefully and gently scrape away bacteria and other debris from a patient's mouth, this too can make you feel relaxed when it's time to get your teeth cleaned. 

Educating yourself doesn't mean watching videos of difficult procedures such as a tooth extraction, but learning about how a dentist gently cleans teeth and can expertly fill cavities with ease can make you feel much better about spending time in the dentist's chair.

You might also find out that procedures that were once considered very painful, such as a root canal or the extraction of wisdom teeth, are much easier and less painful than ever before. Dentists can use lasers to quickly cut away excess tissue in the mouth and pinpoint areas that need to be treated, with little to no cutting needed. This, too, can put your mind at ease.

2. Find the right dentist

Some dentists specialize in treating patients who have a fear or phobia of the dentist. They may avoid having graphic pictures of the effects of gum disease on their walls, and may allow patients to wear headphones while being treated so they can be distracted.

They may also allow you to bring in a trusted friend or family member who can literally hold your hand during a procedure, and may communicate with you throughout your treatment so you can know what to expect next and can tell the dentist if you need a break. Choose this type of dentist for your procedure and you may see that you have no reason to fear the visit.

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