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Smile: Five Tips for Beautiful Looking Dentures

Advances in dental care now make it possible to get dentures that look just as beautiful as a smile full of real teeth. However, if you want the most beautiful set of dentures possible, you have to choose them carefully. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you work with your dentist to get a stunning pair of dentures:

1. Have your dentures custom-made

Do not get discount-priced dentures that promise one-size-fits-all. Instead, work with a denturist and have dentures custom-made for your mouth. This ensures you get the best fit. Ultimately, that makes you feel more comfortable, but it also helps your dentures to look more attractive.

2. Use old photographs of yourself

When you lose all of your teeth, you lose the shape of your mouth, and your nose essentially drops to the level of your chin. Dentures can fill out this space and help preserve your good looks.

However, in order to decide how your teeth should look, how big they should be, how spaced they should be and other essential factors, your dentist needs to see an old photograph of you. If you have photographs of yourself with a full set of teeth, bring them to your dentist.

You can work from the photographs, but you also have the exciting chance to improve things that may have troubled you with your original teeth.

3. Pay attention to the gums

When most people think about denture design, they think about the issues listed above related to teeth. However, that is not the only thing you should consider. You also have to think about the gums. Talk with your dentist about different gum colours and options, and look at a few different options before deciding on what type of gums you want.

4. Do not forget the roof of your mouth

If you are focused on getting dentures that look great, it may be easy to overlook the part that goes near the roof of your mouth. However, you should pay attention to this area. The back part of your dentures should have the same ridges that you find behind your teeth.

While these ridges don't directly make your mouth look more beautiful, they help you avoid spitting while talking and they make it easier to chew certain foods. Both of those things indirectly contribute to helping you look better.

5. Return for fittings and cleanings

Once your dentures are in place, remember to return to the dentist on a regular basis. Ideally, your dentist should monitor your dentures to ensure they still have a good fit. That is important for your comfort and health as well as your looks. You should also have them professionally cleaned on a regular basis to keep them white and shiny.

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