Wisdom Teeth: Removal, Maintenance and Cavity Prevention

Tips for Overcoming Fear of Your Dentist

Oral health is vital to help maintain the body's overall health. Regular trips to the dentist will help keep the teeth, mouth and gums in good condition. Even with this in mind, a lot of people will still avoid a dental surgery due to fear or phobia. In fact, one in four people share a phobia of dentists; including the fear of emergency dentists.

Understanding the Issue

There is an endless list of reasons that could be the cause of your fear or phobia. Trying to get an understanding of what it is that puts you off when considering a trip to the dentist is the first step in overcoming it. You need to give your teeth and mouth the care they need to stay healthy.

Tips for a Pain Free Cure

A natural reaction with any fear or phobia is avoidance. Regardless of what people will say to you, there is always an excuse to put a dentist appointment off – until toothache sets in. Many people will not try to remedy their fear until the pain threshold is exceeded. This doesn't need to be, nor should it be the case.

  • Try to overcome your fear with a routine checkup –  A checkup will only take a few minutes, and it involves a lot less work from dentists' perspective, making it a painless experience.
  • Choose a sympathetic dentist and friend – Many dentists understand that for a lot of people, their service creates anxiety and fear. Be sure to let your dentist know your problem and they will work towards helping you overcome your phobia. Also, the company of a sympathetic friend to comfort you through your experience is advisable.
  • Book an early appointment – Try and see the dentist as early in the day as possible. This reduces time to allow emotions to build up.
  • Agree on a sign with your dentist – Before sitting in the chair, mention to the dentist how you are feeling and agree on a sign or action that indicates you would like to take a short break to recompose yourself before continuing.
  • Pop in to see your dentist prior to the appointment – If you find the thought of arriving at the dentist for a check up too much, then call the office and ask to come and look around prior to your visit. This helps remove the fear of the unknown.

Expressing Your Fear

The sole aim of a dentist is to maintain the health and hygiene of your teeth, mouth and gums. The sooner you visit your dentist the sooner they can provide you with this assistance. Talk to your dentist and explain your feelings and fears. This will allow them to take this into consideration and care for your teeth.