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6 Tips to Keep False Teeth Securely in Place

If you have lost teeth, false teeth can help you eat, talk, and flash a winning smile. However, many people struggle with their false teeth slipping when they chew or speak. Use these six tips to keep your false teeth securely seated in your gums.

1. Introduce New Foods Gradually 

Eating with dentures requires practice. False teeth can feel strange at first, which can make it difficult to chew certain foods. Ease your transition by starting with softer foods, such as soup, mashed potatoes, yoghurt, oatmeal and stewed vegetables. Gradually introduce hard and chewy foods, such as nuts, meat and raw vegetables.

2. Steer Clear of Chewing Gum and Sticky Sweets

Gum is a refreshing treat, but it can stick to false teeth. Many denture wearers have the same problem with toffees and other sticky sweets. Steer clear of these sticky treats, which can pull some people's dentures out of place. If you do eat these foods, be sure to clean your dentures thoroughly afterward to remove sticky residue, which encourages the growth of oral bacteria.

3. Keep False Teeth Moist

False teeth are attached to a flexible base that can precisely match the shape of your gums. However, if this material dries out, it can become brittle. Keep your false teeth moist by taking sips of water throughout the day and soaking them in cleaning solution overnight.

4. Handle False Teeth With Care

Handling your false teeth too roughly can cause them to deform. Don't force your false teeth into place. Instead, use a mirror to line up your dentures and gently slide them onto your gums. When you are not wearing your dentures, keep them in a safe place and try to avoid dropping them.

5. Have Your False Teeth Adjusted

Over the years, the shape of your mouth can change. As a result, false teeth that were once a perfect fit may start slipping out of place when they are no longer new. If you notice your old dentures slipping, see your dentist, who may be able to adjust the fit.

6. Use Denture Adhesive

If none of the other tips work for you, denture adhesives can be a good solution to slipping false teeth. Apply a paste or powder denture adhesive to the base of the false teeth to keep them in contact with your gums. These products are safe to use every day to give you a little extra confidence in your smile.