Wisdom Teeth: Removal, Maintenance and Cavity Prevention

Do You Think Your Teeth Are Too Short? The Solution Is Easier Than You Might Think

Have you ever thought that your teeth are too short? It can be a personal concern, something you might even have been self conscious about when you smile. While it rarely affects your ability to speak and chew food, it's not something that is all that difficult to correct. Giving your teeth some extra length is generally a simple process that can be carried out at your local dental clinic. So how does it work?

Removal of Gum Tissue

Your dentist will take an x-ray of your teeth. This is to pinpoint the precise length of your teeth (inclusive of the sections that are covered by your gums). Your dentist will determine where the tooth ends and where the nerve inside each tooth (the dental pulp) begins. Exposing the pulp can be problematic, so this is why such precision is needed. Your dentist then removes gum tissue to expose a greater surface area of the tooth. Depending on the number of teeth involved and the amount of gum tissue to be removed, this process can be performed with a laser, or manually with a scalpel. An anesthetic can be given prior to the procedure in order to minimise any discomfort.

After the Procedure

Some extra sensitivity can be expected in the days following the procedure as the gum tissue heals. You might need to avoid food and drinks that are overly hot, cold, or spicy. There might also be a contrast in the colour of your teeth. The newly exposed surfaces might be a different colour to the other sections. Once your gum tissue has properly healed, you might wish for your dentist to perform tooth whitening to achieve a uniformity of colour.

The Option of Veneers

If the length of your teeth and the position of your dental pulp means that you are not a suitable candidate for this procedure, your dentist might suggest dental veneers. These are wafer-thin pieces of resin composite or porcelain, specially fabricated for you. A small amount of surface area is buffed away from each tooth where a veneer is to be fitted, before the veneer is attached using a permanent dental adhesive. The end result makes your teeth look longer. Veneers will usually be the more expensive solution, and yet they can be extremely effective.

If you've lived with teeth that you feel are too short all your life, it's really remarkable how easy it can be to change your smile.