Wisdom Teeth: Removal, Maintenance and Cavity Prevention

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Over DIY Alternatives?

Never underestimate the power of a smile. A simple smile can drastically lift your spirits and draw positive vibes from those around you in everyday social interactions. But with your teeth on show each time you smile, having discoloured teeth is something that will surely put you down. 

If you're here because you'd like to know why you should choose professional teeth whitening over take-home alternatives, you've come to the right place. Just keep on reading. 

No two patients with discolored teeth are alike.

DIY teeth whitening kits usually include general instructions on how patients should use the contents of the kits. While people can achieve a desirable level of success if they follow the instructions to the letter, not all users get the same results. This is because of the simple fact that no two patients with discoloured teeth are exactly the same. They may both suffer from the same dental problem, but their situations may be totally different. 

For example, a patient whose teeth have yellowed due to poor dental hygiene is different from one whose teeth have been stained by habitual tobacco smoking. Likewise, an elderly person with discolored teeth will require a different kind of treatment compared to one whose teeth are discoloured due to dental disease.

A professional dentist will know how to tailor treatment that suits the situation of each patient in their care. No take-home kit can beat this level of care and treatment, no matter how well it is used. 

Professional teeth whitening is the safest option available.

No matter how desperately you may want to get your pearly whites back, you should never opt for treatment that may compromise your oral and/or overall health. After all, discoloured teeth are only a cosmetic issue and not a serious dental health issue.  

Although take-home teeth whitening kits are made with the safety of users in mind, they're not a safe option for everyone. For instance, pregnant women, people with tooth sensitivity and those with peroxide allergies are usually discouraged from using kits that contain peroxide or other bleaching agents. 

When you get your teeth whitened professionally at the dental clinic, you can be sure that your patient-specific concerns and needs will be considered before treatment is administered. If you have a pre-existing condition that doesn't allow you to get the treatment at that time, your dentist won't shy away from letting you know that. 

If you need to find out more about professional teeth whitening and other aesthetic dental care, feel free to talk to a qualified cosmetic dentist.