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Why Keep Your Temporary Dentures After Your Permanent Teeth Are Fitted?

When you had all your teeth out to get ready for dentures, your dentist may have fitted immediate dentures as a temporary measure. These dentures replaced your natural teeth until you were ready to have your proper set made.

Once you've had your permanent dentures fitted, you may wonder what to do with your immediate set. While you may think that you'll trash them because you won't need them any longer, it's worth hanging on to these teeth. Why should you keep your immediate dentures and where should you store them?

What Would You Do Without Teeth? 

If something goes wrong with your dentures, then you may need to take them to your dentist for a repair. Some small repairs may be sorted on a same-day basis, so you'll only be without your teeth for an hour or two.

However, if your dentures are badly damaged or need a more complex repair, then you may be without your teeth for days. Plus, if you break your dentures over a weekend or holiday, then you may have some time before you can get your dentures in for repair.

Going without dentures doesn't bother some people; however, others are embarrassed at the thought of being seen in public without any teeth. If you keep your immediate dentures as spares, then you can use these teeth until your usual pair are fixed and ready to wear again.

Where Should You Keep Your Immediate Dentures?

It's a good idea to store your immediate spares out of sunlight or temperature extremes. Dentures can be affected by heat and cold, so putting them safely in a bathroom cabinet or drawer is a good solution. Don't just throw the teeth in the cabinet loose. They should go in a denture container. This keeps them hygienic. You also need to keep the dentures wet. If they get too dry, they might lose their integrity and snap when you try to put them in.

So, make sure they are covered in water. If you can remember, change the water periodically to keep it fresh and topped up. If you do need to use your immediate dentures as spares, rinse them and give them a cleaning. They may not fit perfectly if it's been a long time since you wore them, but they should fit well enough to wear. If they don't, ask your dentist if there is anything else you can do when your usual dentures go in for repair.