Wisdom Teeth: Removal, Maintenance and Cavity Prevention

Important Things to Note About Denture Repair

If you are new to dentures or have used dentures for quite some time without any repair requirements, you need to know the factors that necessitate denture repair. With these factors in mind, you can avoid injury to your mouth — especially your gums and tongue. Since you use your mouth every day to talk, eat and drink, a painful mouth injury would make you restless.

Types of Denture Repairs

Common denture repairs include fixing a broken denture base, fixing a chipped or broken denture tooth, fixing a broken denture clip and replacing lost dentures. Another denture repair is the addition of a new denture tooth or clip.

What Happens When Any of the Above Denture Problems Happen?

If your dentures are in your mouth, remove them carefully and place them in a clean container. If the dentures get damaged while outside your mouth, again place them in a clean container and call your dentist. Inform him or her what happened, and you will receive further information.

Your dentist might, of course, ask you to carry the dentures to the clinic so that repairs or a replacement can be done.


If you notice any damage to your dentures, never DIY a fix. Even if you are handy, some repairs are better left to professionals. Your mouth has extremely soft tissue, and if you go about repairs the wrong way or use poisonous adhesives, you can cause serious harm to yourself.

How Long Does Repair or Replacement Take?

Most of the time, repairs and replacements are completed the same day. However, this might depend on whether yourdenture repair clinic is repairing or building other dentures. When you call your dentist, he or she should tell you how long the repair should take. If not, ask him or her. It is okay if your dentist informs you that he or she needs to see the damaged denture first.

How Much Does Repair or Replacement Cost?

It depends on the damage. However, a repair should not cost more than new dentures. If you find that the cost of repair is close to the cost of new dentures, have the dentist make new dentures for you. He or she might even recommend you do so.

Always remember to save for your health, and most importantly have medical insurance. No one can foretell when his or her dentures will get damaged. You want to be ready financially to be able to have them repaired or replaced instantly.