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What's the Difference Between a Smile Makeover and Separate Cosmetic Treatments?

A number of cosmetic dentists offer something called a smile makeover. These makeovers, when you look at what they entail, are just a series of procedures that you could arrange for separately at the same office. So, what is the difference between having cosmetic treatments done and having a smile makeover done?

It's Mostly the Name, but Also the Goal

When you go to the dentist to have veneers added, your goal might be to cover up terrible-looking teeth or make each tooth in front the same shade. Or, it could be to make your smile look nicer. If it's that second one, you're technically getting a smile makeover done. In other words, the differences between having veneers and whitening done, and having a smile makeover done, are mainly in the name and the goal, or the reason you're getting the procedures done. It might be pushing it to call just one procedure a smile makeover, but two or three, with the goal of making your smile look a lot better? That's a makeover.

A Makeover Can Be as Extensive or Limited as You Want It to Be

Individual procedures, such as tooth bonding, have to follow a certain series of steps to be done correctly. But smile makeover, in general, can be as extensive or limited as you want it to be. It can include teeth whitening and some bonding, for example, or go the whole distance complete with gum recontouring and orthodontic work. Again, if your goal is to improve your smile, then the procedures you get constitute a smile makeover. It is possible that you're going to a dentist who offers a package that they specifically call a "smile makeover," and if you ask them for a smile makeover, you'll get that package of work. But that is an individual case; in general, there's no set definition of smile makeover other than procedures that improve your smile.

Pay Attention to What Can Be Combined Into One Appointment

If you want to have a few procedures done on your teeth to make them look better, see what can be combined into one appointment. You'll save time as you won't have to set up different appointments, and getting a few things done at the same time means your recovery time will be overall shorter. Even if the procedures aren't that drastic, your body needs a day or two to rest and let your teeth and gums settle down. Having two or three procedures done at the same appointment reduces the total time you have to deal with that. Keep in mind that you can combine cosmetic procedures or cosmetic and general procedures.

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