A Comparison Between Dental Bleaching and Porcelain Veneers

Individuals who would like whiter teeth have several options, such as having their teeth bleached or getting composite resin or porcelain veneers. Some patients may not know which option is better for them due to having insufficient information about those alternatives. This article compares having your teeth bleached to having porcelain veneers applied. Use this information to select the most appropriate option for your needs. Impact on Tooth Colour Bleached teeth remain natural, except that they have been made whiter than they were before the cosmetic dentistry procedure. [Read More]

Brace For It: The Pros & Cons of Hidden Braces for Teens

Teenagers are grumpy creatures at the best of times, but when it comes to braces, the idea of having metal in the mouth creates a whole new level of anxiety. Now your child knows their teeth need professional dental intervention to get them straight, what options do you have to do this when traditional braces have your child not wanting to smile for the next two years? Hidden braces fitted behind the teeth are one answer, and these are the pros and cons your child needs to know. [Read More]

Why Adherence to Teeth Whitening Product Guidelines Is Important

Some people may wish to get quicker tooth whitening results by exceeding the dosage of dental whitening products. Such people may not know the risks of not following the usage guidelines that are provided by the manufacturer of the product. This article discusses some of the dangers that may occur when you don't follow the instructions provided on how to whiten your teeth using a certain product. Increased Dental Permeability [Read More]

Toothbrush Hygiene Tips to Give Your University-Bound Child

If you have children who are about to go off to university, it is important to know that their dental hygiene is as important as their studies. Since university life is characteristically communal, the collective use of washrooms and dormitories is likely to increase the spread of germs and bacteria if hygiene is anything to go by. Therefore, dental hygiene is crucial, but it should start with proper toothbrush care. However, this is only possible if your kids avoid making some common mistakes when handling toothbrushes. [Read More]