Internal Bleaching of Dead Teeth: What You Need to Know

Modern cosmetic dentistry provides a range of tooth whitening services, but whitening dead teeth can still pose a problem. However, a treatment called internal bleaching may provide a solution. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about the internal bleaching of dead teeth. Dead Teeth When you undergo a procedure such as a root canal, your dentist will remove the soft inner pulp of the tooth. This causes the blood supply to the tooth to cease, and the tooth will die. [Read More]

Dentures and Mouth Ulcers: A Combination That Is Easy to Avoid

Mouth ulcers occur when the delicate tissue inside your mouth (your mucus membrane) becomes damaged. In many instances, this damage occurs due to ongoing friction against a certain point inside your mouth. This is why people who bite the inside of their cheeks on a regular basis can be susceptible to mouth ulcers. It also means that people who wear dentures might be affected by mouth ulcers, since the denture is essentially a foreign object placed inside your mouth, where friction can sometimes arise as a result of normal usage. [Read More]

3 Suggestions to Make Your Child's First Cavity Filling a Pain-Free Experience

With almost 35% of Australian parents reporting that their child only brushes once a day, it's no wonder why tooth decay has become a major concern within the country. If your child has not been diligent in maintaining their dental health, you're likely going to have to take them in for a cavity filling once in their lifetime. Getting cavities filled can be a very stressful and scary experience – especially with the scary dental equipment that is used. [Read More]

Perfect Teeth in Record Time: 3 Tips on How to Go Through Invisalign Trays Quickly

If you're unhappy with your teeth alignment or your bite, Invisalign can easily help you correct these insecurities without anyone noticing. Although they are difficult to notice, you may still want to go through the trays as quickly as possible in order to enjoy the final results sooner. If that's the case, here are 3 things you can do. Wear the Invisalign Trays As Often as Possible The main benefit of opting for Invisalign is the fact that it is barely noticeable. [Read More]